How to Read Books Faster

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It is a known fact that books are our best friend, but as a fact all the books are not as interesting as other. Some of the books might be boring but important. Also, you might want to read too many books within a given period of time. This situation can be for any reason as you might want to compete with your friend, you might have rented the book and it is now time to return the same, you want to read the next book. So, how do you read a book fast? Some of the below tips might help you achieve the same.

Read books that you understand

To make your reading faster and effective, read only the books that you understand. If you are a marketing expert or a human resource expert try to avoid reading books related to technical finance. Let the chartered accounts and other finance people read them.

Read at least five times a week

Reading fast requires habit. In order to increase your speed, start reading at least five times a week. You need to cultivate the habit of reading. Practice and only practice will help you make you increase your speed for reading.

Understand what you read

Along with reading faster make sure you understand the content of the books. You might complete a book of 200 pages in three days, but if you do not understand the same then it is of no use.

Grasp whole sentence at a time

While you are reading, do not try to understand each word separately. You will have to develop a habit of grasping the whole sentence at one time. This will help you understand the book or a section in an easier and faster way.

Give importance to punctuation

Remember each punctuation mark used in the book or any written material has its own significance. Always make proper use of the same and do justice to the same. Take a pause after a comma or a full stop. This pause is to understand the sentence you just read. The more importance you give to the punctuation marks, more effective is your reading.

Use a Pointer

It is a proven fact that if you move your eyes on the sentence without using any pointer, then there are more chances of you reading the same sentence again, missing one sentence or a word in the sentence. As you miss or reread the line, you will not understand the matter and hence you will consume more time reading again and understanding the same. This slows down your reading. In order to avoid such things, always use a pointer. A pointer can be your finger or a pen/pencil in your hand.

Practice and Practice

Finally, keeping all of the above things in mind, the best possible way to achieve a good speed in reading is to practice and practice.

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