Gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchell

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Gone with the wind is truly an epic love story of an unforgettable story of love and loss. It is a tale where nation mortally divided and its people change forever. Margaret is able to beautifully place ruthless Scarlett O Hara and the dashing soldier, Rhett Butler in the heart of all the chaos. The story takes various shapes and form from peace to war, from love to loss, from hope to despair. The best thing about Gone with the wind is that the characters undergo a great moral and psychological growth with the dramatic changes in their lives.

One must read this book because it is aptly and epic love story. You can get deep into the civil war and reconstruction and periods of history. Margaret has painted the picture of south vividly paying careful attention to the timeline. It resonates with the readers. The story is exciting and Scarlett is an interesting and infamous protagonist. Scarlet is an inspiring women with a strong head and she knows what she wants. Rhett on the other hand is dark, handsome. The gentler counterparts are represented by Ashley and Melanie. The characters are a symbol of passion and desire.

It is as the greatest love story and the Civil War saga and has won the Pulitzer Prize for Literature. The book is captivating and sweeps generations off their feet. There is not a single chapter that does not keep the readers glued and that is the best part about the book.

As a reader if you have not read Gone with the wind then it is a great loss to your literary experience. Experience the joys and sorrows of all the characters and enjoy one of the most romantic love story born out of tragedies. Gone with the Wind is sure to turn one of your favorite timeless love stories you have ever read. It is a book a reader can never forget and will pick up and read again and again.

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