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Benefits of Purchasing Books Online

By on Jul 24, 2014 in Educational Books | 0 comments

Tweet Pint it Share Today there are a number of websites which offer books online that it is difficult to choose the best among the lot. It would be better to take some time for research about the so called websites before placing an order. You can visit these websites and compare the prices of various books as well. A majority of the online bookstores offer books at cheaper prices than the traditional book sellers. A possible reason for this is that the online book stores do not have to bear the expense of putting up a big store to display all the books and so they can sell books for a much lesser price. Also, there is no requirement for a large group of employees to handle the operations of online bookstores as done in conventional book stores. In other words, with less number of employees you can run an online book store and draw in more business. Further, the rent for the storing space would be much lesser than that required for a bookstore situated in a busy area of the town. You are required to pay the packing as well as delivery charges for the books ordered online and could expect the delivery of the same within one or two days. Nowadays many people prefer online book shopping owing to the convenience of the same. Further, it is quite safe and secure to shop books online provided that it is from a reliable website. You can not only get books online but can also get help for completing your assignment work online. There are two ways in which you can place an order for books online. The first method is to search the book which you have in mind and book it straightaway once you find it in the website. The second method is to open the site and search different categories and get a good book from a favourite author. To sum it up, shopping books online has become the latest trend owing to the convenience offered by the...

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The Kite Runner by KhaledHosseini

By on Oct 10, 2013 in Book Review | 0 comments

Tweet Pint it Share This book by KhaledHosseini is sure to make readers turn pages and put them in deep thinking about friendship, loyalty, good and evil, betrayal and redemption. It is a great book with surprises that will baffle the readers and you will never want to put the book down. The characters are complex and interesting. Set in the backdrop of Afghanistan, Hosseini has beautifully described Afghan from monarchy through Taliban. All in all; a heart rendering story of friendship, secrets. It is a story of two boys in Afghanistan. It provides a good platform for readers to learn about Afghan history and culture. The novel is about humanity. It is about true friendship, loyalty, acceptance, redemption and survival and hence it deals with universal issues. Amir, the main protagonist has a secret from his past and it changes his present. The book revolves around his friendship with Hassan and his relationship with his father. Amir grows up in a privileged place in the society. While reading the novel the reader will sympathize with Amir and also feel angry with him some time. Similar emotions will be felt for other characters like Hassan and his father. The character takes life and become real and it becomes difficult to put the book down. Amir is forever burdened with his childhood guilt of separating Hassan and his father from Baba. Therefore, his solace lies in returning to Afghanistan, his native city and rescue Hassan’s Son. The book shows the violent tragedies in Afghanistan.The characters are richly detailed. Baba is emotionally complex and a troubled man. While Amir; unlike his Baba has a liking for books that football. The book is highly recommended. It is one of those books you will keep talking about for a long time. The book moves you from within and there are times when getting out of the world of the characters are very difficult. It is a must read...

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Surge in Popularity of Online Bookstores

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Tweet Pint it Share The popularity of online bookstores is increasing by the day. Online stores typically offer their books at lower prices and customers are able to make the purchase from the comfort of their homes. Online bookstores also offer customer reviews which reveal more about the book than a quick glance of its contents. Online bookstores are able to sell their wares at reduced prices as they are not required to rent a prime location space for the store. Furthermore, they sometimes do not always physically store the products but simply forward the orders to the publishers or wholesalers. Physical brick-and-mortar bookstores are limited by space and budget, but online bookstores face none of these restrictions. As there are several online stores selling books, the customer has the option of comparing the price of a book across the stores. This is another reason for the competitive pricing. In an effort to outdo each other, stores offer attractive discounts and offer free shipping if a customer’s order exceeds a certain amount. Another reason for the popularity of online bookstores is the convenience they offer. Any book you are looking for is just a few clicks away. You can buy books while relaxing in your pyjamas on your couch at 3 in the morning! You can browse through as many books as you like without pushy salespersons trying to force you into making a purchase. Unlike some of the other commodities, when you are buying a book online you don’t need to touch or feel the book to make sure it is a good purchase. In far flung areas a bookstore may be several miles away and getting to one can take hours. No such challenges are there with an online bookstore. The only possible drawback, regarding an online purchase, is that you may have to wait for some days before the book is delivered. Online bookstores generally allow users to post reviews and feedback. A new customer is, therefore, able to read the reviews and then decide on a purchase. The customer thus has greater confidence in his purchase. When looking to make an online purchase, you would be well advised to pick a website that has generally...

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