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Rare books that are collectables available here!

Most people familiarize themselves with the new paperback and hard cover new books of this year and the decade past. But what do you know about books of the days of yore? These books have separate colour plates, painted with natural colours. The drawings and illustrations are separate from the printed text. It gives one an idea how old the books must be to follow separate printing processes.

During the Victorian age numerous books with colour plates depicting animals and plants were produced. The plates are colourful and full of life. The subject of the book plates were also diverse as the pictures painted. We can see numerous satires, cartoons, sport related, landscape, colour costumes, art and architecture. Some of the colour plates were made by hand and handmade black and white outlines are visible. These make the book collectable even more valuable.

Some other rare species of books are those which are out of print (no longer printed). Other rare species are first editions, signed cover books, antique books from yesteryears and hard to find editions (which are printed in less quantity). All rare books are precious and as good as gold.

Rare books may also be valued for the contents of the text or the outside cover or binding process. Books important for contents may be those containing first time illustrations, first time revelations, or first time scientific discoveries. They are valued for the time they were made. Some books are valued as old by the numerous illustrations in them which are of a famous artist in olden times. Sometimes due to controversial content a book may not be published or is in low quantity make the book rare. It is valuable as very few copies are in existence as the controversy lead to destroying most of the copies.

A book may also be prized and old because of the printing technique used, binding, author’s side notes, inscribed notes, annotations in the margin by famous dignitaries and persons also make the book rare. If you are interested in reading and purchasing rare books you can contact us with you reading needs at: info@thebookcafe.in. We will be pleased to help you find rare books of your choice.