What should an Online Bookstore offer its customers?

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As a growing number of people are buying their books online, it is important to understand the features you should look for in an online bookstore. An online bookstore is expected to be a comprehensive website with a user-friendly interface besides having a large selection of books, a variety of payment options, excellent customer support and a robust return policy.

For any online store, the most important criterion is a website that is easy to use so that customers can get their shopping done easily and without hassle. The large number of books on offer should be properly organised into categories and sub-categories so that the site remains easy to navigate and users are able to locate the book of their choice with a minimal number of mouse clicks. The speed of the website is another important factor that influences customer satisfaction.

A good selection of books is critical to an online bookstore. An online bookstore is expected to have a collection of books from all genres. It is imperative that all the latest bestsellers are made available as these are the ones most users will look for. Other merchandise like CDs and DVDs also need to be made available. There are users who look for books that are not readily available. Such users also need to be catered to.

Free shipping is something that customers have come to expect. The time required to deliver the order should be kept at a minimum and customers need to be updated about the expected time of delivery during the order itself.

Customers should be provided with all possible payment options. Most online stores offer the option to pay using credit and debit cards and electronic fund transfer. Online stores are beginning to understand the importance of payment on delivery and a large number of them have started providing this facility as well.

The importance of customer support cannot be over-emphasised. Customers should have access to a wide variety of contact methods. In addition to this, an FAQ section helps users find answers the queries without having to call or email someone from the bookstore.

Finally, a robust return policy is also essential. Most successful online stores provide their customers the option of returning the product within about two weeks in case they are not fully satisfied with the purchase. Moreover, the shipping cost incurred by the customer for the return is reimbursed to the customer.

Keep these factors in mind when you consider making a purchase from an online bookstore. It may be worthwhile going through a few reviews before you make your purchase. Poor customer service nullifies a lot of features that the bookstore claims to be offering. Doing your research before you buy a book from an online store will result in a pleasant experience. There are a number of general online stores like Flipkart and Indiaplaza who sell books online. A recently launched online bookstore is TheBookCafe.in. If you are a book-lover, you may want to check it out.

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