P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahren

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The novel is about true love, holding on to it, then letting it go and learning to fall in love again. It is a beautifully written book about two childhood sweethearts Holly and Gerry who marry irrespective of Holly’s mother’s approval. The book however takes a tragic turn when the lives of the characters meet with sad fate and Gerry dies. The book will take you through various heartbreaks but with Holly reviving readers will feel challenged too. With Holly Cecilia takes her reader’s through a tough yet a captivating journey of loving and learning to let go.

Holly cannot live without her husband Gerry until she had to when Gerry passes away. They were young when they fell for each other at first sight and could finish each other’s sentences. Gerry is taken away by terminal illness and Holly is unable to pick pieces of her life. But, Gerry had a plan. He had written letters to her before he died. Even after death he helps her through his letters to help Holly to laugh, overcome her fears and discover a new world. Holly is equally supported by her family and friends in her battle to find her new life with Gerry gone.

It is an amazing book of loving and letting go. It is captivating and readers will be overwhelmed with Holly’s heart ache. Cecilia is no doubt a great author especially when it comes to human emotions. The readers can communicate with the characters. You will definitely not put this novel down before you have finished reading every page of it.

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