Medical BOOKs

We have all types of Medical Books in our Café!

Medicine is a vast array of applied science of the art of healing by first diagnosis, then treatment, and of course prevention of diseases. The entire science is composed of a range of health care practices which are ever evolving and changing with time. This means the health workers must be kept up to date with knowledge of the new and old as well. Our books in the medical domain in our café do cater to this need of advancing knowledge.

Books from the medical domain in variety and range of topics are also found with us. The books may be written by famous doctors and knowledge brokers of yore and present. The books provide medical students, practicing doctors and health professionals, including, physiotherapist, dental therapist and doctors, and nursing staff, with a vast variety of reference and needed material as they may need it for their use. The café offers medical books of all types from encyclopedias to critical medical topics at affordable rates. The café has foreign published books, international editions, local prints, Indian published copies at hand. The café has been providing books with in-depth knowledge, for medical referencing and other clinical usage as well.

Our medical books have comprehensive written and illustrated knowledge about various diseases, medical conditions, tests, symptoms, injuries, and surgeries. The knowledge is vast and often divided into several specialties. The café offers various books with extensive galleries of medical photography as well and numerous colourful illustrations. The books will provide the knowledge to the inquisitive learner to answer his or her questions. If you are interested in reviewing and purchase of books from our café; please do contact us on, we will be glad to help you with whatever medical books you need.