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Today Engineering as we know has changed. It is expanding with new knowledge being added to the various sub-disciplines of engineering every day. We are in the science and technology expansion decade and century. Science is keeping us inquisitive and alive. To keep abreast in the knowledge revolution one needs choice of good books to study and read from various interdisciplinary sections.

The café offers these books to you at the drop of a hat. The books give in-depth knowledge of engineering used in applications of science, economic usage, social needs and practical knowledge. They all help the engineer in designing and building new tools, structures, robots, man-made machines, devices new systems and materials and new defined changed processes needed to make all of these.

The books give a complete body of knowledge to the budding engineer or already learned engineer as well. It holds all the insights to make, model and scale up models to find the best cost effective solutions to man’s engineering needs. It helps solve the problems of modern man. Since the discipline of engineering is so vast we have books divide in the various categories of engineering available at our café. From simple books to complex specialized engineering books! Each book is a gem of a choice and will impart new insight and knowledge of technology and engineering needed by the student or the master today.

Take pride and look at our range of resource books to increase and further your engineering skills and knowledge in the disciplines of Civil & Environmental, Chemical, Electricaland Mechanical Engineering. We have a vast and new collection in these aforementioned areas which are constantly being updated regularly day in and out. If you have any needs for books in our engineering haven do contact us by email at, we will definite help you out with all your needs.